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Which foods help prevent migraine?


Certain foods may help to prevent migraine headaches from occurring. Some people may also be able to manage migraine headaches… read more >

Binge drinking and your body


SPEAKING OF HEALTH FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 2023 Drinking alcohol is common in the U.S. About 84% of adults report drinking… read more >

Is Fish Oil Better Than Cod Liver Oil?


While cod liver oil might have gone out of fashion, omega 3 supplements, marine algae and krill oil are certainly… read more >

Delusions, paranoia and dementia


It is common for people with dementia to experience delusions (or strongly held false beliefs), which can also take the… read more >

Best Foods for a Healthy Brain


Healthy Eating for Improved Memory and Concentration Did you know your brain can process information as quickly as 268 miles per… read more >

Omega-3-6-9 Fatty Acids: A Complete Overview


Omega-3 fats are essential fats that have important benefits for your heart, brain, and metabolism. While omega-6 fats provide your… read more >

Physical Activity Over 60 Enhances Life Quality


Summary: Researchers found a correlation between physical activity in adults over sixty and quality of life. The study, involving almost 1,500… read more >

Does CoQ10 Help Migraine?


If you’ve ever had a migraine attack, you know it’s more than an awful headache. A migraine attack can derail… read more >

Alcohol Fuels Pain: Study Reveals Link Between Drinking and Chronic Pain


Chronic alcohol consumption may make people more sensitive to pain through two different molecular mechanisms—one driven by alcohol intake and… read more >

How to Rewire Your Brain to Feel Good on Mondays


Summary: Don’t like Mondays? You’re not alone. Researchers address why people feel stressed and anxious at the start of the week,… read more >