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Sleep loss hijacks brain’s activity during learning


Sleep is crucial for consolidating our memories, and sleep deprivation has long been known to interfere with learning and memory…. read more >

Obesity linked to higher dementia risk


Obesity is associated with a higher risk of dementia up to 15 years later, finds a new UCL study suggesting… read more >

Acupuncture cuts migraine days in episodic migraine without aura


Acupuncture significantly reduces the frequency of migraine attacks compared with sham intervention in patients suffering from episodic migraine without aura,… read more >

Coronavirus Patients Are Reporting Neurological Symptoms. Here’s What You Need to Know


As case numbers of COVID-19 continue to rise around the world, we are starting to see an increasing number of… read more >

Managing childhood migraine


Background Childhood migraines create a significant health burden and are probably under-diagnosed and treated. Objective/s The aim of this article… read more >

3 types of diabetes medication recalled over ‘impurity’


SINGAPORE: Three types of metformin diabetes medications are being recalled after they were found to contain trace amounts of an… read more >

Dapagliflozin slows eGFR decline in diabetics


Dapagliflozin is able to delay renal disease progression among patients with type 2 diabetes, even in those with normal kidney… read more >

Sulfites in wine may trigger headache in young adults


Sulfite concentration in wine seems to contribute to the occurrence of headaches in individuals who are predisposed to wine-induced headaches,… read more >