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I developed shaking in my hands and stiffness which got worse gradually. I did not know what the problem was until I saw Dr Siow who diagnosed me with Parkinson’s Disease and after treatment I am back to almost normal functioning with hardly any stiffness. Kwong C.

I had severe frequent headaches which I sought relief for unsuccessfully until I met Dr Siow who diagnosed me having migraine headaches. He treated me with medications and whereas I used to miss school because of my headaches, now I hardly have any at all. Peter L.

I suffered from constant neck pain with no solution to my suffering I finally consulted Siow Neurology where I was diagnosed with cervical facet pain. I had radiofrequency treatment and now my pain has fully resolved. Rose T.

My husband suffers from Alzheimer’s Dementia and after treatment at Siow Neurology Headache and Pain Center, his short term memory has improved, he speaks more and walks better. Lily S.

I suffered a stroke which left me weak on my right with difficulty speaking. I was attended to immediately by Dr Siow when I came to the emergency department and his prompt diagnosis and treatment has made the difference in my recovery to regain my independence again. Say Ann C.

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