The Siow Infusion Centre


As some neurological conditions require the use of intravenous medication, the Siow Infusion Centre has been developed to provide local and convenient intravenous medication treatments without the need to be hospitalised. In fact, we don’t want to make the centre feel like a hospital at all. As patients can be expected to visit over a period of time, we try to create a familiar and welcoming atmosphere.

As caring medical professionals, we want to make the centre as safe and as pleasant as possible.

Located at Mount Alvernia Hospital, the centre is equipped with comfortable beds and reclining chairs and has been designed to provide the most relaxing environment. Newspapers and drinks are provided free of charge. Patients are also encouraged to bring (non intrusive) entertainment such as a book or an Ipad to help pass the time as enjoyably as possible. At Siow Infusion centre we also provide free internet access.

Patients may experience some drowsiness as a result of treatment and are therefore asked not to drive.

Staffed by a total of 1 doctor, nurses and technicians, we treat, on average, over 3 patients a day.

The centre is particularly appropriate for patients in the treatment of chronic and difficult to treat headaches. Intravenous medications are more effective and work more quickly than oral medication. The treatment is a one hour infusion over three consecutive days. With this we can effectively treat and stop most chronic daily headache conditions.

The centre is also suitable for patients who require other forms of intravenous medications such as steroids and antibiotics to treat their medical conditions. Other forms of chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia may also be treated effectively here.